Club card

Attention! For the privileged members of the Club, we have issued club cards that give the right to special conditions of visiting the Club and especially comfortable stay in it.

Card to attend the club for 3 months - 30000r

Card to attend the club for 6 months - 50000r

Card club for 1 year - 80000р

Card to visit the club for 2 years-100000r

The card for a couple (upon presentation of documents) on Fridays and Saturdays gives a 30% discount on entrance. The cost of maps-2000R

Our managers will tell you more about all the features of these cards when visiting the club.

  1. Club cards are the property of Adam and EVE club.
  2. Club cards are only valid for couples. Single man-card holder-pays for the entrance in full.
  3. The card holder is obliged to comply with all the rules of the Club.
  4. The administration has the right to refuse to visit the Club to the cardholder if he or her companion does not pass face-control.
  5. In case of gross or repeated violation of the rules of the Club, the card holder is deprived of the right to use the privileges of the card. The cost of the card is not refundable.
  6. The club card gives the right to pass to the club without a queue and pay at the cash Desk.
  7. To receive a discount or free entry, you must present your Club card at the checkout. If the card is not presented, and the check is already punched, the discount is not available.
  8. The owner of the club card can use all the services of the Club.
  9. The club card is intended for individual use, its transfer to third parties is not allowed. In case of violation of this rule, the Club has the right to impose a fine of 5000r. When you re-transfer the card, it is blocked.
  10. In case of loss or damage of the club card, if its validity period is not over, the card can be restored upon written application of the owner. Re - production of the club card is made at the expense of the Client and is 1000R.
  11. Compliance with the Club's schedule is mandatory for all Customers. By purchasing a club card, the Client confirms the fact of familiarization with the Rules, his willingness to strictly comply with the Rules, as well as all the requirements and requirements of the Club and its administration.