About svnger-Club "Adam and Eve"

Swinger club "Adam and Eve"- the largest and the most popular swinger club in Moscow. Welcome to swinger club "Adam and Eve".

Firstly, we note that all that is written on our site-pure truth. If something changes, all information is laid out on the site. (There are only random errors). Not worth the extra time to make phone calls and ask questions to which the answers are on the site.

So first read all the information carefully and only then call.

Four times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) in our Club provides swing-parties. We invite mostly swing couples, men without attendants allow limited about the number of women. Single girls let without limitations (However, there are limitations on the face-control). Before visiting the Club all must Enroll by phone on the day of the party since 12:00 days.

Club "Adam and Eve" was created in the year 2002. The first event-private party-was held on 14 September. It took place in the sauna at the Derbenevskoj Quay. Since then, many things have changed: now we are in the spacious and comfortable Club area of about 800 square meters, the program has become more diverse and more interesting service rose to a good level, several times more visitors become.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday our club visit 20-60 people, Friday-from 100 to 180, on Saturday-in the region of 100 people. But every time it is unpredictable.

About us many articles in prominent newspapers and magazines, filmed footage (neklubnye days), taken a lot of interviews the mistress and Club organizer Marina. Our club know in Russia, we are going to spend the weekend couples from all over the country, because not everywhere there are similar clubs. And if there are, "ADAM & Eve" is so great that swingers from everywhere are keen to get to us. We welcome both Muscovites and guests as the swing phenomenon worldwide. Among our visitors are often foreigners, who even before his arrival in Moscow, heard about the "Adam & EVE".

For those going to our Club a little how to party. In our Club, all guests must observe a dress code: all attend many scantily clad. We give out free towels, towels and disposable slippers. Ladies tend to go in stockings, shoes heels, peignoir, body or beautiful lingerie (erotic outfits sold in the Club). Some put on very candid erotic dresses.
If the Lady is not captured with a similar outfit can be dressed in a sheet (issue free) or shawls, which are sold here. Considering its appearance, get creative.
For nudist couples free Club entry (subject to passage of face control).

Men can also show creativity on their erotic costume. If nothing extreme don't you come up with, you can be in sheets, towels or simply in shorts or swimming trunks.

In our spacious Club has a large lounge with comfortable couches and a bar. There are entertainment programmes (ANNOUNCEMENT). Leading Ruslan helps everyone get: newcomers-to forget that they are with us for the first time, and regular guests-distracted from thinking about the day.
After the first show in the great Hall with support begins go-go dancers (Friday and Saturday). 80-90 popular music sounds of the eighties and modern euro-dance, vocals House. The hottest hits plays for you DJ Deni's, and weather on the dance floor orders MS weather forecaster. After the main program in a cozy chill out'e in a more intimate atmosphere starts very candid male and female striptease, where together with striptizerami can participate and guests. Sometimes passes program fuck show. Dancers can enjoyed LAP DANCE at a surcharge. All dancers are declared in section POSTER.

Program schedule, as well as the timetable for the Club can be seen in the section schedule and PRICES.

In our Club, no credit cards are not accepted. The payment is only for cash

On Tuesday undergo a "Massage". Our presenters will be shown some massage techniques, and then you will be able to practice on each other. Our guests really like such classes, which smoothly transition into intimacy.
On Thursday-Rendezvous in a dark room in the format of GANG-BANG.

We tried to guests of our Club was interesting. So often we organize theme parties. Some of them are devoted to general holidays (new year's, Valentine's day, February 23, March 8, birthday of Lenin, when we remember, as were the pioneers, the summer solstice Ivan Kupala, Helloween, day of the great October Socialist Revolution day, police, etc.), as well as our own holidays: the wedding party, BDSM, Latino party-party, beach party, shower, party, etc.)

Every first Friday of the month so are GANG-BANG . Gang bang one girl is sex and what pleases men. So men are admitted not by the number of women and girls have a bit more and more choices, and they can satisfy your deepest desires. Lovely ladies! These days you will have a large selection of partners, removing or withdraws you can easily find a replacement.
Every third Friday of the month, undergo Bad Girl party. This night-all for the ladies: free entry, classy male strippers-boys handsome men, 300 rubles, hot meals and drinks at the bar, free competitions, prizes, participants and winners of the gift for the best erotic outfit! For girls in this day a free drink.

For those wishing to retire provided 7 separate rooms: small, 2-3 couples, as well as rooms, on 10-12 couples. Their photos are placed in the section GALLERY. There is also a mirror room for coupleswhere only permitted couples. If you have a desire to be alone with your partner or with a company you can rent paid private room, lockable from the inside. Room is equipped with air conditioning, a DVD player with video. The cost of the room is 500 r. for 30 minutes.

For your own comfort and safety, condoms are issued free of charge, they lie in each room and waiting for use for its intended purpose.

After the main programme in cosy small Hall in a more intimate atmosphere starts very candid male and female striptease. Sometimes passes FUCK-SHOW program. Dancers can enjoyed LAP DANCE at a surcharge. These dancers just announced in the PLAYBILL.

Guests can relax in the sauna. For the use of sauna and rooms free of charge (other than one paid Privat rooms).

Swinger club "Adam and Eve" invites to relax, relieve stress, and just have a good time with friends.

Each birthday present cake (passport). Invite your friends and acquaintances on your celebration, and that day they will remember for a very long time.

For those who arrived on their machines, provides parking. Provides taxi service, as well as service "sober driver". Drivers do not belong to the Club "Adam and Eve", so the price should negotiate with them directly.

At our parties you can good to eat and drink. You can taste dishes of European, Russian and homemade cuisine from our chef Joan. Explore the menu you can see the MENU. The bar also offers a free buffet: green and black tea, mineral water, some varieties of wines and light snacks.

You can also learn more about swinger club "Adam and Eve" from our regular visitors, as well as from those who have visited the Club once and now shares his impressions on the FORUM. There you can get answers to many of your questions as well as tips for beginners. We will be glad to know your opinion about the club after visiting.