Face control and dress code


Anyone can be refused entry without explanation.

1. Age 20-50 years.
2. Not allowed drunk or under the influence of narcotic funds.
3. Not allowed full ( weight)
4. Not allowed men gay.
5. Guests are required to follow the dress code inside the club.
6. Commercial activities on the territory of the club is prohibited.
7. Not have aggressive behavior.


There are no requirements for your clothing at the entrance to the club. Face control will look at You, not at Your clothes. But in the club, everyone changes clothes and goes half-naked, as shown in the pictures.

You can't go around the club dressed. At Your service there are special rooms for changing clothes and a wardrobe where you can hand over clothes, shoes and bags. Valuables can be put in a special cell, the key will be With you. Renting such a cell costs 100 rubles.

Ladies - high-heeled shoes, stockings, bodysuits, underwear, very explicit erotic outfits. Topless or Nude looks are very welcome. If you didn't bring anything like this, You can buy erotic outfits, underwear or pareos, and disposable flip-flops at the club. Towels and sheets are also provided free of charge.
Men can be in underwear, swimming trunks, towels, sheets, or in the Nude.

    The territory of the club is private property.
    The club administration has the right to refuse to visit any person without explanation.
    Persons under the age of 20 and over 50 are not allowed to join the club.
    Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed to enter the club.
    Men with non-traditional orientation are not allowed in the club, and male-to-male relationships are prohibited.
    Do not bring or use photo or video equipment, mobile phones, recording devices, laptops, or other electronic equipment.
    It is forbidden to bring and drink alcohol and alcoholic beverages brought with you on the territory of the club.
    It is forbidden to bring and use narcotic and drug-containing substances on the territory of the club.
    It is forbidden to bring into the territory of the club piercing, cutting objects, firearms, traumatic, cold weapons, gas canisters and other items similar to weapons, as well as items that can be used as weapons.
    Guests are required to hand over oversized bags to the cloakroom.
    The visitor must comply with the dress code.
    The club does not provide intimate services, and relations between guests for money are prohibited.
    Visitors who come as a couple (male and female) must leave the club as registered couples (male and female).
    Re-entry to the club is paid.
    The extension of the club's work is paid according to the price list.
    The club administration has the right to refuse to stay on the territory of the club during the event in the following cases:
        a person who is heavily intoxicated;
        a person who violates public order during the event;
        a person who is aggressive towards visitors or employees of the club;
    Attending an event is a risk that is assumed by the club visitor.