1. The club is private property.
  2. The club administration has the right to refuse entry to any person without explanation.
  3. The club is not allowed to the persons aged 20 years and older than 50 years.
  4. The club is not allowed persons in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.
  5. In the club men are gay and denied the relationship of man to man.
  6. It is forbidden to bring and use photos and video equipment, mobile phones, recording devices, laptops, and other electronic equipment.
  7. It is forbidden to bring and drink brought with them spirits and alcoholic beverages at the club.
  8. It is forbidden to bring or consume in the club of drugs and narcotic substances.
  9. Not be brought into the club grounds and piercing and cutting items, firearms, traumatic, cold weapons, gas cans and other items similar to weapons and items that can be used as weapons.
  10. Oversized bags guests are obliged to hand over to the wardrobe.
  11. The visitor is obliged to comply with the dress code.
  12. The club does not provide sexual services, and the relationship between the guests for money is prohibited.
  13. Visitors who came as a couple (man and woman) agree to leave the club was couples (man and woman).
  14. On Tuesdays, the exchange partners is required. If any couples are not willing to change partners, we ask to leave the club for both partners.
  15. Re-entry to the club is paid.
  16. Extension of the work of the club is paid according to the price list.
  17. The administration of the club reserves the right to refuse stay at the club during the event in the following cases:
  • a person in a condition of strong intoxication;
  • the person who violated the public order during the event;
  • the person showing aggression towards visitors or employees of the club;

18. Attending the event is the risk that assumes the visitor of the club.