The best swing party in Moscow

Swing the club "Adam and eve" regularly extravagant and incendiary sex-party. As practice shows, this format of Dating is comfortable for beginners and more experienced guests. The first will be able to feel the atmosphere that reigns in the Swinger club, a taste of free sexual relations, to join the rhythm of our institution. The second is to find new friends and just have a great time, because each subsequent event in the "Adam and eve" is not like previous.

For each party, we develop an individual show program. It involved presenters, DJs, actors who know how to rock the audience. The program is based - fiery and uninhibited "dancing strip", which will appeal to discerning connoisseurs of beauty and luxury.

At our parties you can see the male and female professional Striptease. Invited artists will show you everything from classic dances around the pole and to exclusive rooms. Our strippers are willing to demonstrate dancing skills not only in public, but in private.

Also guests of the event have the opportunity to participate in our fun and spicy competitions, which help to warm up and overcome the psychological barriers to new acquaintances and impressions.

Is it possible to come to a party in a Swinger club one?

"Adam and eve" - the largest and most popular among the many swing clubs in Moscow. To gain and keep this prestigious status helps us adherence to the rules. We do not deny that our party is primarily organized for couples: it is preferred in the preparation of the guest list. If you are still alone, but is genuinely ready for a spicy adventure, you have the opportunity to get to our event.

We follow the Golden rule of swing: invited single men and women must be approximately equal, so that nobody felt deprived of attention.

Before to leave the application to participate in the event, we recommend you to get acquainted with the rules of a swing club in Moscow "Adam and eve" and feedback about our institution. This will allow to avoid stupid moments and get pleasure from the visit.