All about swing sex, its pros and cons

Swingers called monogamous partners, who by mutual agreement to have sexual contacts with other people. The attitude to this phenomenon has been and remains controversial, although statistics show that the world is becoming more people who practice some form of swing.

Negative remarks about Swingers due to the fact that their behavior is completely contrary to the traditional form of relations, which implies loyalty to each other. Themselves swing couples do not consider the proximity of other people, the reason for jealousy and quarrels, and especially do not equate such meetings to change. People start to this way of life the joint agreement and accord, ie no one is cheating. Furthermore, having multiple sex partners, according to Swingers, helps to spice up monotonous sex, if a couple a long time is in a marriage or relationship.

Who should try the swing Dating?

We will argue that the swing Dating is suitable for everyone without exception. Sometimes the transition to public relations has a positive effect on the relationship in the couple and in some cases, it seriously exacerbates existing problems, provokes jealousy and separation. Anyway, the experience of the swing will have a strong influence on your habitual attitude.

Swing couples that practice sex with other partners, I emphasize that for a successful result, both partners must be sincere to each other, have the same expectations. If in a couple one partner begins to manipulate the others, but the other just agrees swing sex out of fear of appearing not sufficiently relaxed, it is unlikely that the pair expects harmony. Strained relationship built on jealousy and possessiveness, can simply come to naught.

Equally important is the choice of Swinger couples, you want to have sex. So the meeting went without problems, all the nuances should be discussed in advance. Just like in normal relationships, it's important for people to understand and respect the needs of each other.