Sauna Why Not

The interior is designed in minimalist style. Lounges have a different design: East room, mirror room, bdsm room for lovers of thrills. Small cozy living room is equipped with modern audio and video equipment, home cinema, satellite TV with a package of channels NTV+, and a karaoke system. There is a jukebox with a large selection of songs. Guests relaxing in our sauna, freshly prepared dishes self-catering establishments, as well as a selection of drinks. A small Finnish sauna can accommodate up to 6 visitors at a time. And the crystal clear water of the pool size of 5x2.0 meters invites you to cool off after visiting the hot steam room. The pool is thoroughly cleaned before each visit to the hotel. Our visitors can enjoy a show or the strip and enjoy the show comfortably seated on the sofas.

For relaxation: Living-room, Finnish steam room, 3 shower, pool, 5 Lounges, karaoke, kitchen, bar.

View of steam room: Finnish.

Equipment: Audio-video equipment, satellite TV, erotic channels, karaoke.

Aqua-zone: swimming Pool 5x2,5

Rooms: 5 rooms (including Oriental, bdsm, mirrored)

Kitchen: Russian, European, draft beer.

The sauna is available for private use after hours club!

Rental price: 1500 rubles/hour (minimum 2 hours)

Discounts: coupon 50% discount - 750 rubles/hour

Monday 9.00 - 24.00

Tue 9.00 - 18.00

Wed 9.00 - 24.00

Thu 9.00 - 20.00

Fri 9.00 - 20.00

SB.9.00 - 20.00

Sun 9.00 - 24.00

Special offer: every 6th hour for free!

Parking: free.

Address: Udaltsova St, house 75A, a sign: "WHYNOT". Nearest metro station - Prospekt Vernadskogo, 10 min walk.

Phone: + 495 799 53 00